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I'm just asking you to discontinue my advert as I have accepted an offer and it looks as though it is going through. I have had many enquiries through your service and a serious offer but in the end it was a local estate agent who brought the buyer."

Jackie Sharpe | октябрь 2017 | View property

I am pleased to advise you that we have finally found a buyer for our house in Berguenuse - through your website."

Eileen Perks | август 2017 | View property

Delighted with Magnolia Properties, since the General Election I have had a number of keen contacts and have made my choice. We hope to complete at the end of июль. Ben, thank you very much indeed. Please mark the property as sold and remove it when you see fit."

Susan Tuckey | июль 2017 | View property

Our property has been sold to couple from Nottingham that contacted us through your site. Thank you!"

Julia Moise | июль 2017 | View property

I am pleased to inform you that I have sold my property through your web site. Thank you Magnolia Property, the web site has been a brilliant platform to sell my property."

John Fletcher | июнь 2017 | View property

Sold from one the many leads your website generated for us. Many thanks for your help!"

Ceri Thomas | июнь 2017 | View property

Just to let you know that we've now sold and the buyer was from one of your leads. Thank you!"

Harry Whitehead | май 2017 | View property

Yes the lead certainly was from your website, thank you and it would never have happened if we had relied upon the Agent. You have been most helpful from start to finish thank you and I would certainly recommend you."

Rosemary Prentis | май 2017 | View property

Your service is first class and should matters not proceed to completion, I will not hesitate to return."

Ernest Carmichael | апрель 2017 | View property

This is to tell you that we have agreed a sale for our house in Cehegin and have received a deposit. Thank you, we have found Magnolia excellent to work with, and thank you especially for putting up with my rather out of date computer skills! Many thanks, Gill and Bob Hopps."

Gill and Bob Hopps | апрель 2017 | View property

We have sold our property. Many, many thanks!"

Jane Anastasiades | апрель 2017 | View property

Our purchaser was actually a friend of one of our neighbours. However, having the website dedicated to the apartment was really helpful as they were able to know about it in their own country and then made a follow up visit to view. We will recommend Magnolia to others in the area if they decide to sell. Thank you for the support."

Andrew McGrath | март 2017 | View property

I had just three serious leads from your website but one of them turned out to be the buyer. I saved thousands in fees. Thanks"

Warwick Forster | февраль 2017 | View property

I think Magnolia Property is an excellent way to sell your home abroad. I had two interested parties at a time when viewings were scarce. Although I sold though another source, I would market a property through Magnolia in the future. It was easy to set up the advert for the property and the feedback on number of viewings etc is an excellent feature. Thank you Magnolia."

John Fletcher | февраль 2017 | View property

We have been extremely satisfied with the results of our advertisement with Magnolia and the people who bought our property were the first to enquire within 2 weeks of listing the property. You offer a great service and we would, on our experience, recommend you to anybody."

John Moody | февраль 2017 | View property

We are thrilled with the response from your advertising and have accepted an offer on our property and the sale is progressing through solicitors already! thank you for excellent service."

Mr and Mrs England | январь 2017 | View property

We have a buyer for our house and they came to us via your advert. We have signed the promissory contract and received the deposit."

Christina Anderton | декабрь 2016 | View property

The service has been great and has really helped me circulate the ad for the property. I think I have sold my property but I might be back if it falls through."

Susan Briggs | декабрь 2016 | View property

We have sold our home through your site. Thank you! We will give great feedback and have already recommended your site to numerous friends and family. "

Mary Wilson | ноябрь 2016 | View property

Hello, we have found a buyer through Magnolia and hopefully it will go ahead this time. The service has been very good and I have recommended you to a couple of friends."

Lynda South | ноябрь 2016 | View property

Magnolia has been fantastic for advertising my house. 95% of my viewings came from my this advert.. but the final sale came through an agent. I would definataly recommend Magnolia again in the future. "

Zoė | октябрь 2016 | View property

Our property has been sold via one of your leads. Thank you for a very satisfactory service!"

Gareth Westacott | октябрь 2016 | View property

I have sufficient inquiries to handle just now. If they do not materialize into a sale then I will ask that the advert be reinstated. Many thanks for your excellent service."

Dennis Lucken | октябрь 2016 | View property

Thanks Ben, the photos are excellent. The internal shots are all better than all mine. By the way, I have been really impressed by the whole process and if you need a review I would be more than happy to supply one!"

Robert Birds | сентябрь 2016 | View property

Our property is now sold and I would like it removed from the website. Thank you for your help. I'm very impressed with your site"

Judith Hobbs | сентябрь 2016 | View property

Very impressed with the photos, thank you so much!"
(NB. Professional photography is part of our Premium Listing)

Janine Wood | август 2016 | View property

Property now sold via one of your leads! Thank you for all your help."

Emma Kirby | август 2016 | View property

We have sold our property! We have been very impressed with the upto date statistics sent to us every week and we have recommended you to our friends."

Val Keene | август 2016 | View property

I am please to say that we have now exchanged contracts with a buyer from your website and so our advert can now be removed from the site."

Colin Beaumont | август 2016 | View property

Thank you - I am very satisfied with the outcome and will recommend you whenever I need to. The buyers did come from looking at your site as we only advertised the house in the UK through you."

Jane Bland | июль 2016 | View property

Thanks to your website we’ve now received an offer on the house which seems to be going through so if you wouldn’t mind communicating this to the interested party that would be appreciated. In fact the buyer has asked that we take the house off the market - she’s going to pay a holding deposit hopefully this week."

Simon Corkhill | июль 2016 | View property

We have accepted an offer on the house in Sezze, though sadly it didn’t come directly through Magnolia but from the brother of a friend. Tha's not to say that the advertising didn't serve its purpose; the buyer had looked at the particulars on line before visiting the property and to a large extent it provided all the information he needed. I have been more than happy with the level of enquiries and interest created by the ad, the weekly lead reports and also delighted with the service you have provided, so thank you for that."

Nick Poole | июнь 2016 | View property

I have now sold this property, many thanks. The advert generated many leads and a very good sale."

Barry Joyce | июнь 2016 | View property

Thank you for providing a first class service. We have sold our property and would certainly use you again and would not hesitate in recommending you to other people."

Carol and Peter Shepherd | май 2016 | View property

We have secured a sale on our property. I would like to say thank you for putting so many prospective purchasers in touch with us and the weekly stats have been very informative. Thank you for your excellent service. I shall recommend your company without hesitation."

Lesley Morgan | май 2016 | View property

Excellent service Magnolia. We agreed a sale yesterday and hope completion takes place very soon. I have given your name and details to two other property owners, who, I understand have now created an advert on your site. Linda"

Linda Moyler | май 2016 | View property

We now have three people who have made offers and we feel that it is enough to keep us going. We have been very impressed by the amount of interest that you has generated and have already recommended you to a friend to advertise their own property in Italy."

Oliver Driscoll | май 2016 | View property

We have now sold our property abd the lead came from your website. Thank you very much for your excellent service."

Anne Pettitt | май 2016 | View property

Our property has just been sold to a buyer from your website. We were very happy with the service, recieving over 100 leads."

Lawrie Wilson | апрель 2016 | View property

We have just recieved a deposit and so the property has hopefully been sold, via your website. Thank you."

Richard Hurford | апрель 2016 | View property

Our house has now been sold. Many thanks for your excellent services, I look forward to using them again in the future."

Caroline Armitage | февраль 2016 | View property

I'd just like to thank you for helping us sell our house. It was on the market with yourselves for six months before we acquired a sale. We had more interest from buyers through you than any of the French agents who had listed our property. Keep up the good work, I'll be sure to recommend your services in the future."

Mel Comley | февраль 2016 | View property

We have sold our property, and move back to England in the middle Feb. We had many enquiries since registering with you, so thanks for you help. We would recommend your site to people."

Chris Jones | январь 2016 | View property

We won't be renewing our advert as we have now found a buyer. Thank you very much, I would recommend your service to others. "

Roger Gasston | декабрь 2015 | View property

Our property has been sold via a Magnolia lead, thank you! "

Peter Hitchen | ноябрь 2015 | View property

It looks like the property has now sold, thanks to your website. It is in the hands of the Notaire, if for some reason the sale falls through we will be using your services again. "

Ann and John Wickham | ноябрь 2015 | View property

Thank you for your excellent service we have sold the property! "

Yvonne Shreeve | ноябрь 2015 | View property

We put our house in Madeira on the market in август and promptly got a lead through Magnolia from a German buyer who went on to buy it. We flew out and completed the sale in early октябрь. We are delighted with the service, the ease of creating our own web pages, and of course the results. Huge thank you to Ben and the team. "

Lynne Anderson | октябрь 2015 | View property

I have an offer for the house which I have accepted so fingers crossed. For your information it was someone from Germany so your site works - thank you! "

Gareth Westacott | Septemeber 2015 | View property

Thanks for all your help, we have sold to a lady from Zurich. Completion is set for декабрь. "

Michael Young | август 2015 | View property

Just sold to a couple from New Jersey with an obsession for Portuguese veteran film maker Manuel D’Oliveira. Thank you so much for your help! "

John Tipler | август 2015 | View property

We are very pleased with the response that we got and the second people to view have made an offer which has been accepted. Thank you very much for your services. "

Carol and Peter | август 2015 | View property

Just to advise you that you have sold the property in Oliva. Had many more viewers with your service than with local estate agents. Again thank you for your efforts. "

A H McClelland | август 2015 | View property

I have now accepted a deposit on my townhouse in Archidona, Malaga, sold via Magnolia. The ability to include lots of photos and detail about the property and the area is a huge advantage for both seller and prospective buyers and I am sure this contributed massively to my property's appeal. The feedback from Magnolia and tips about how to optimise your listing were also extremely helpful. I did not get a huge number of responses, but all were genuine. I had an offer at asking price plus serious interest from two others, one of whom was seriously disappointed they could not buy it! Overall, an excellent service. "

Gail Nolan | август 2015 | View property

Found a buyer who consulted my own personal website which I had advertised on your website. Given the depressed state of the French rural property market we assumed it would take us at least 12 months to sell. Very happy that we did it so quickly. "

Lynton Jones | август 2015 | View property

We have been very impressed with your service and have now accepted an offer on our house in France. "

Sue and Richard Clarke | август 2015 | View property

Yes the buyer was from one of your leads and we have had loads of interest and people offering £4k extra - I think we may have under priced - who knows. "

Lynda South | июль 2015 | View property

Thank you for your help, we have been very impressed with your service especially with the number of enquiries. We have accepted an offer from one of your buyers so thank you so very much. "

Karen and Tony Ainley | июль 2015 | View property

Thanks for your service, through you I have secured a long letting. "

Barry Joyce | июль 2015 | View property

House now sold, STC, with a buyer through your website...thank you!! "

Lesley Keen | июль 2015 | View property

Good news! I sold my property in France to an English couple who saw it back at the end of апрель. We signed the 'compromis de vente' on 12 May and completed the transaction on 23 июнь 2015.

Many thanks for the excellent service - selling without using an agent in France is the thing to do. In my case the agents wanted to charge between 20,000 and 25,000 Euros! Ridiculous! Especially as they did nothing and I had to do the write-up and photos for them as their efforts were dreadful! So, many thanks to Magnolia. "

Clare de Galleani | июнь 2015 | View property

Thanks so much for your help. We have already recommended you to several friends. "

Helena Thomas | июнь 2015 | View property

Our Magnolia advertising created a great deal of interest in our property and a large number of leads, so that we would strongly recommend your service to other sellers in France. "

Roger Guymer | май 2015 | View property

I'm delighted to say that our house; 1 Rue des Peupliers, Arles sur Tech, is now under offer for the full asking price. Could you therefore please cancel our advert with immediate effect. I'm very grateful for your services and am happy to provide testimonials should you require them. "

Peter Mills | апрель 2015 | View property

Delighted with the responses we received after placing our ad with Magnolia Property. Our property in Portugal has now sold after less than 5 months with them. Wish we had done this years ago! "

Robert and Mary | апрель 2015 | View property

Yes - it was from one of your leads and we have had loads of interest and people offering £4k extra! "

Lynda South | март 2015 | View property

Yes it was sold from one of your leads, thank you. It is actually an English couple from Sandbach in Cheshire who are buying it. We have signed everything and are now just waiting for permission from the Canton to allow Auslanders to buy in Switzerland. They are absolutely delighted with it! "

Bernadette and Michael Ellison | декабрь 2014 | View property

Had a very pleasing response since placing our apartment on your site after two years and only one viewing when it was with a local Spanish estate agent. Sold via your site. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to sell. Please remove from Magnolia and the other sites thanks."

John Ambrose | ноябрь 2014 | View property

Our property has now sold thanks to a lead from Magnolia from Belgium. Even though we had our house advertised with local agents, we had far more response from Magnolia than them. Thank you Magnolia!"

Linda Ingle | октябрь 2014 | View property

I sold the house via your advert within ten days of advertising it and the buyer has now paid their reservation deposit! I need my subscription cancelled please. With thanks and kind regards, Andy Woodhead "

Andy Woodhead | октябрь 2014 | View property

Yes the buyer saw our website and recognised where it was and popped around. Many thanks for your help." NB. The dedicated website is part of our Premium Listing

Brenda Cox | октябрь 2014 | View property

An offer has now been accepted on this property which came from one of your leads. "

Teresa Dunn | октябрь 2014 | View property

Hi Ben, I think we have finally sold subject to contract!!!! This guy John Kennedy is a lovely family man, he and his wife and baby came on Tuesday to see us and the next day they came back with their three other kiddies. They all went mad for our house. So keep your fingers crossed for us please! "

Sharon Bysouth | сентябрь 2014 | View property

Have to say the recent advertising has returned exceptional results not so much the quantity of enquiries but the quality has been superb as each enquiry has resulted in a viewing. "

Christine Willers | август 2014 | View property

We sold our house in France for full asking price to our first viewer from Magnolia, result! "

Mr Bartlett | июль 2014 | View property

SOLD! Fingers crossed completion on Wednesday. 23rd июль. Thank you for all your help. "

David McOustra | июль 2014 | View property

I was delighted to find a buyer who was genuine and we organised the deal very quickly. I would certainly recommend you to my friends. "

Jackie Hood | июль 2014 | View property

"Spanish property in Granada recently sold to enquirer from this site. Very good response to my advert."

Terry Nye | июль 2014 | View property

"Good afternoon, yes thanks to Magnolia we have had an offer which we have excepted, so subject to contract we have sold and therefore do not wish to renew our property advert, many thanks, Philip Johnson."

Philip Johnson | июль 2014 | View property

"We have had the house on with two French estate agents for nearly a year with little interest. We have had more success since being with Magnolia. Last week we had three viewings and three offers. Thank you!"

Catherine Morrell | июль 2014 | View property

"Actually the lead did originate from you, the buyer exchanged emails with me from your website, arranged a viewing, then they arranged other viewings with a Spanish agency, who took them to our property. Bit complicated, but thank you, it did come from you in the first place."

John Bailey | июнь 2014 | View property

"However, our property is sold to the first viewers you sent us....it actually went over the asking price! I have put 'UNDER OFFER' on my advert now, thanks very much, David Bartlett"

David Bartlett | июнь 2014 | View property

"Yes, the buyer was from a lead from my advert with you. We've had a steady stream of visits to house but not easy selling in Spain at the moment but we've had a good response. Many thanks."

Caroline Poupin | май 2014 | View property

"It has taken nearly 10 months to find a buyer and now we have had 2 offers for our house in the last 2 days! Both from Magnolia!"

Suzi Hinton | май 2014 | View property

"I have now sold my property and would like to thank everyone at Magnolia for their high standards of professionalism and support. Whilst I also advertised the property on other web sites claiming similar coverage on other international web sites, the volume and more importantly quality of the leads from Magnolia far surpassed that of their competitors. I would have absolutely no hesitation in strongly recommending them to other sellers or indeed buyers. Thanks again for a superb service."

George Walker | апрель 2014 | View property

"Thank you for your prompt action re my listing. I have had an enquiry already!"

Jackie Hood | апрель 2014 | View property

"My husband and I have just viewed our property on the websites listed and we are extremely impressed by how professional and quick your service is."

Christine Prigg | апрель 2014 | View property

"Dear Ben, our chalet has now been sold to a French doctor that was introduced to us through your website. The sale completes on 8th апрель.."

Mike Craven | март 2014 | View property

"I am delighted to tell you that that house was sold with direct thanks to your website. I received only 3 inquiries but, one, a London based cash buyer is now the owner of the cottage. I hope that my second property has the same fortune! Mille grazie."

Toni Hilton | февраль 2014 | View property

"We advertised our property in Spain (Casa Kristina Reference: 7560 ) for sale on your website. I am pleased to say the house is now sold to one of your buyers so I would be grateful if you can please remove it from your site ASAP."

Andy Smith | октябрь 2013 | View property

Joe set the record for the number of enquiries received over a six month period. 131 buyers contacted him through his advert on our website, but more importantly one of them bought his home!

Joe Sherwood | сентябрь 2013 | View property

"Our property is now sold to a purchaser who located it via your website, please remove it thank you."

Viv Packer | август 2013 | View property

"Yes it was sold from one of your leads. Your site has been great! Thank you."

Mr and Mrs Muir | май 2013 | View property

"Although we didn't sell from your site we were very pleased with your service and we did actually buy our current property from one of your property adverts. We have recommended you to others including the one in Lussac which has been put on your site this week."

Ray and Lynne Akers | апрель 2013 | View property

"Dear Ben, the property has now been sold at last! Many thanks for your help over the last year, I will certainly recommend your firm to my friends."

John Barnes | январь 2013 | View property

"We were most impressed with your excellent value service and the amount of serious enquiries through your leads and have recommended you to others who are thinking of selling."

Stuart Evans | январь 2013 | View property

"Just to let you know the property has now sold, thank you very much for your excellent service."

Paul Cobb | декабрь 2012 | View property

"Our property has just been sold through one of your leads. Your site has been most helpful and we have already passed your site info onto many other friends who are selling."

Allen Markey | июнь 2012 | View property

"Just letting you know that we have successfully sold our house through one of your leads, thank you very much!"

Tracy Messe | апрель 2012 | View property

"Thank you very much indeed Ben - we are most impressed with your company at the moment - lets hope we can get some viewings soon!"

Sharon Lacey | февраль 2012 | View property

"Yes it certainly was from one of your leads! I recommended you also to my friend Mr Klein, who now also has his property advertised with you in same village. Thanks again, Wendy"

Wendy Black | январь 2012 | View property

"Your site has been much admired by our friends who have gone on to have a look at our house - thank you for your help and expertise."

Mary-Louise Boardman | декабрь 2011 | View property

"I am amazed, we have already received an enquiry - thank you so much. Lets hope they keep coming in and a sale results."

Dee Smith | декабрь 2011 | View property

"Dear Sirs, Many thanks for your reply to mine informing you of the sale of our house, La Plaisaunce. Unfortunately it wasn't one of your referrals, but we do thank you most sincerely for what was a constant stream of enquiries, which in the main were serious as evidenced by the follow-up discussions. May I assure you that we were thoroughly delighted with everything you did for us. The result from the point of view of the success we experienced finally, was a case of just how the cookie crumbled. With the best or regards and best wishes, I am, Yours Faithfully, John Rhodes."

John Rhodes | декабрь 2011 | View property

"Just to let you know that yesterday I accepted an offer on my Villa, so it is sold subject to contract, deposit paid. Thank you for maintaining such a good site, I have had two actual contacts, unfortunately neither of which came to fruition, and many views."

Lesley Murray | декабрь 2011 | View property

"Thank you for the offer to renew but I successfully found a buyer through your site where all the French agents failed!" View Jon's full story

Jon Kelway | сентябрь 2011 | View property

"Meanwhile we do thank you for your help and the use of your excellent website. We will be in touch when we are ready to recommence with our sale. We would also add that we would have no hesitation in recommending the site to other sellers."

Vivienne and Malcolm Hayes | сентябрь 2011 | View property

"Just to let you know that we have just finalised the sale contract on our house in Flathiakes Crete. Though the buyer did not come through your website we were still very pleased with your efforts and we did have many leads through you. We will certainly recommend you to our friends and thank you again for an efficient service."

Pam Shaw | сентябрь 2011 | View property

"To Magnolia Property Team, Thank you for the E-mail, your customer service is the best of all the property web sites I have used to sell our property. However I do not want to renew our advert as fingers crossed our property has just sold through our agent. Thanks again."

Kathy Martin, Oman | июль 2011 | View property

"Thanks for the email and keeping me updated. Your web site is one of the best I have found for ease of use as a vendor, especially the photo loading/editing. Keep up the good work."

Martyn Nicholls | июль 2011 | View property

"I am just writing to let you know we have received a 10% deposit on our house and we are due to complete the sale on 28th июль. The buyers were introduced via Magnolia Property and we would therefore wish to add to our webpage that the house has an accepted offer on it or remove it from any further advertisement, which ever you normally do. We are really pleased to have advertised with you and are really pleased with the service you provide and we have recommended you to a friend who also has a property for sale in Spain."

Steve and Sally Laws | июнь 2011 | View property

"Thank you for all your kind assistance. Your website is amazing and the absolute best of its type. All other sites I have advertised on could really take a lesson from yourselves - it is so comprehensive and a doddle to use! Good luck to you and good luck to ourselves in getting a sale through your goodselves."

Clive Walley | май 2011 | View property

"Thanks for your reply. I have a buyer which came through your site and I know the advert period is due soon. Until the deposit is paid I would like to renew it but only for one month if that is possible just to cover myself. Is this a possibility? Have to say we have had huge interest since being with you and I will without hesitation be recommending you to others."

Steve Hughes | апрель 2011 | View property

"We have had a good response to the advert and have been made an offer which we have accepted but we are waiting for the preliminary contract to be signed and a deposit paid. We don't feel it is necessary to renew the ad at this stage but if anything should go wrong with this buyer would it be possible to retrieve the advert say, next month or would we have to start from scratch? We are very pleased with your service and would recommend you to anyone we hear of wanting to sell their properties here. Thank you for a good service."

Denise Rigby | апрель 2011 | View property

"Yes we are very impressed! We will have to wait about 3 months for the buyer to get the mortgage/title deeds sorted but we plan to rent to her with a contract from solicitors etc in the meantime but we are really hopefully it will all go to plan. Mind you its a fab apartment much better than the average and we priced it to sell!"

Kimberley Aldridge, Larnaka, Cyprus | апрель 2011 | View property

"I am very pleased to say we have found a cash buyer for our French house through your website, the sale is in the process of going through at the moment (fingers crossed!). If it does fall through for any reason I have several more people who saw it on Magnolia who say they would be seriously interested in picking it up, so I am delighted with how well it has been advertised through you."

Katey Broome | апрель 2011 | View property

"Just to let you know that we have at last sold the house and everything was signed over this morning. We have been so pleased with Magnolia and have recommended you to a few of our friends. In fact one of our closest friends has just put her house on the site. Our purchasers came via Magnolia, their names are Mr and Mrs Cartmel and they mentioned that they were impressed that Magnolia was an independent site and interested parties were not being sold anything and were not required to make payments for things or bombarded by advertising."

Bernard and Nesta Jones | апрель 2011 | View property

"Dear Magnolia Property, I should like to thank you for the ease in which I have been able to use your site, and for your prompt action in getting things going. I am not stupid but then again I aint no technoprat, and to have been able to get to this stage without ripping my hair out and throwing the pc into the far distance is quite something compared to another site I tried and gave up on, Being able to contact proper people is so good. I also hope we are lucky in selling quickly."

Mrs Dallinger | апрель 2011 | View property

"Hi there our house is now under offer, unfortunately the lead did not come from you but rather the local estate agent, however I'd like to say I was more than happy with the amount of enquiries we received though you, it was only a matter of time! I'd like to change my listing from a sale to a letting, to give the new buyers a chance they take over in июнь and they will be looking for renters. Can you please tell me how I can do that? I will of course credit you to the new buyers who hopefully will continue advertising with you."

Debra Lestrade | Mar 2011 | View property

"Hi there - I have now found out how to hide the property but thank you for your response. Yes the sale was through one of your leads so many thanks. It is due to complete in mid апрель - I will let you know when all is done so that the ad can be properly removed."

Lin Brown | Jan 2011 | View property

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